Electro-Logic Machines provides extensive expertise in embedded systems architecture and design. Multiprocessor and Real Time systems are of particular interest to us. We're experienced in FDA and FAA certification and we particularly enjoy projects which involve real-world machine control.
Recent News:

May 2005:  Founder/President helps student team build submersible ROV  Details.

June 2004:  Ford Motor Company's new Escape Hybrid is controlled by TPU microcode from Electro-Logic Machines, Inc.  Details.

May 2004:  Electro-Logic Machines announces support for the eTPU.  Details.

March 2004:  Electro-Logic Machines' Founder granted patent for video motion detection system.  Details.

October 2003:  Electro-Logic Machines, Inc. announces completion of a five year research and development effort for Automotive Engine Control Firmware.  Details.